Steel Roofing Applications

Steel Roofing Applications

Steel Roofing Applications

Steel roof is a very durable and long-lasting roof type made of steel that can be used in all kinds of constructions such as workplaces, buildings, hangars, sports facilities, warehouses. Steel construction roof applications are highly resistant structures and are the strongest alternative to reinforced concrete roof systems.

What are the Roof Types?

Roof types, profile roof (metal roof), panel sandwich roof (sandwich panel roof), shingle roof (shingle roof), membrane roof (membrane roof), polycarbonate roof, trapezoidal roof, roof sheds, tile roof, vaulted roof, clamp roof There are many roof systems such as construction roof, wooden roof.

What Are the Usage Areas of Steel Roofing?

Usage areas of steel roof; It can be used for covering the roofs of detached houses, buildings, hangars, animal shelters, and various industrial structures. In all these areas we have mentioned, our company makes roofs with care and meticulousness.

 What are the Advantages of Steel Roofing?

iron roof; It is more resistant to flood, earthquake, wind, rain, hot and cold weather than wooden roofs. iron roof; At the same time, the heights and lengths that the wooden roof cannot pass can be passed without using any poles in the middle by making a steel roof static project. Example steel roof and wooden roof are shown in the picture below. Free project is done by us.

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