Sectional Door Usage Areas

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Sectional Door Usage Areas

It can be used in all areas where sectional door entry and exit control is required. There is no restriction on the use of sectional (industrial) doors. Temperature control is used in all areas with heavy traffic, where it is desired to prevent the narrowing of the interior space, to be protected from the negative effects of climatic conditions, to keep the security measures at a high level and to achieve ease of use. Today, the areas where sectional doors are used mostly:

● Warehouses

● Factories

● Garages

● Private property and residences

● Parking areas

● Car dealerships

● Production and distribution warehouses

● Car wash businesses

● Workshops

● Exhibition and fairgrounds

● Studios

● Goods reception areas of shopping centers

● sound studios

Preferring a sectional door also means benefiting from a door system that offers long-lasting use. It is preferred for heat, sound insulation, entrance and exit control, ease of transportation and full performance use of the space volume. Thus, we have an industrial door system that is high quality, safe, and can be used both automatically and manually.


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