Increasing Importance of Fire Door

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Increasing Importance of Fire Door

The preference of high-rise buildings has brought up the issue of paying more attention to building safety. Fire and earthquake are among the most feared dangerous situations in high-rise buildings. It is vital to keep dangerous areas under control and fire resistance of buildings.

Building design plays a very important role in high-rise buildings because fire control depends on this design. Buildings designed not to carry the fire to other points are safer in this sense. Fire doors can be shown as the most important element that ensures the safety of this building. Fire doors are doors that create a barricade between the dangerous areas and the safe area in dangerous situations and are resistant to high temperatures.

Çelikdoor manufactures fire doors in accordance with European and TSE standards. Çelikdoor Fire Door has been tested in real ovens in a laboratory environment according to EN 1634-1 norm. The points to be considered when buying a fire door are safety tests and production in accordance with safety standards. In addition to standard sizes and features, you can prevent possible loss of life and property with Dimak Fire Doors, which can be produced with desired features, sizes and accessories according to demand.

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