Fıre Exıt Door Features

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Fıre Exıt Door Features

Fire door features, also known as fire door technical features, are as follows:

● Hydraulic (non-combustible) material is used in its production.

● A gasket is used to prevent the permeability of smoke.

● It can be produced in any desired color and size.

● It has automatic shutdown tools.

● Single or double wing options are available.

● Glass windows are heat resistant.

● Internal and external opening, right and left opening functions are available.

● It is produced in any color with electrostatic powder paint.

Fire exit doors are smoke-proof during fire and are important in order to prevent the exit of flames for a while. In the event of a fire, it cuts off the air flow that causes the flames to spread and allows people to be evacuated safely.

Another prominent point among the fire escape door features is that it can prevent the passage of smoke to the safe zone. They must have special gaskets in order not to leak the smoke that expands with temperature.

The most important point that stands out as its features is that it is fire resistant. Each material used and glass windows are fire resistant as specified in the fire code. The fire safety features of the fire escape doors offer many alternatives to the users.

Fire exit door features, fire door features according to door opening direction

● Inward opening fire doors

● Outward opening fire doors

● Right and left opening fire doors

● Provides ease of use at most points, such as adjustable hinges

Fire doors, which offer single or double door options with fire door features, can be produced in any desired size. It is painted in any desired color and integrates with the area it is in.

Fire doors are specially produced with non-combustible materials used in production, color options, glass window and door options.

We establish trust with the door frame and other accessories used in order to ensure the safety of people at critical moments, which are used in escape corridors and fire stairs in order to stay safe against fire.

Our products have TSE fire door certificate. In addition to this certificate, companies should also have fire door test reports. Brango Steel Door, which produces quality products with features that fulfill its function, has both TSE fire door certificate and test reports.

Please request fire door test reports.

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