Fire Escape

Fire Escape

Fire Escape

Fire escapes are vital for quick and safe evacuation of people in a possible fire in buildings.  Studies have shown that after the fire started, the area was covered with smoke three minuteslater, and with in six minutes the flames coverede very soldier

Service stairs become unusable.  Infact, since they are the areas with the highe stair flow, service stairs cause the fire in buildings to grow much faster.  In these moments when alternative exit routes are inevitable, fire escapestake on the greatest task and help reduce casualties as an escape route.

Fire stairs are determined in detail in theregulation.  Production must also be carried out according to the conditions in the regulation and must be operated under the license.  According to the regulation, circular fire stairs must be at least 100 cm wide and not longer than 9.5 meters.  Incircular fire escape stairs, the bucket on the step must be 50 cm away and the pressure width must be at least 25 cm.  Again, in the circular fire escape ladder, the height of the steps should not exceed 17.5 cm, and the head rescue distance should be at least 250 cm.

According to the regulation, Z-type fire escape stairs must be 3 meters tall on the wall in theproject.  There should be no doors in the gap.  If the height of the building wher ethe Z-type fire escape is located exceeds 21.5 meters, the ladder must be closed against the danger of falling.  In escape stairs, the step height is maximum 17.5 cm;  The step width must be at least 25 cm.  Thewidth of the bucket line on the stairs should also be at least 12.5 cm.

Fire Escape Regulations

Although there are various standards in fire regulations, there are also some variables.  These may be different according to the purpose of use of the building and the types of fire escapes.  In accommodation purpose buildings, institutional buildings, office buildings, residences, mixed-use buildings, commercial buildings, industrial buildings, storage facilities, high-hazardous places, fire escape standards are also changing due to the variability of usage purpose.  While fire stairs are obligatory in all buildings with a height of 21.5 meters and more, it is obligatory to have two fire stairs in buildings higher than 30.5 meters.

Quality and Functional Fire Ladders Manufacturing

Fire stairs are a situation that directly concerns human health.  That’s why the manufacture of fire stairs is a job that definitely requires experience and dedication.  Projects are prepared according to the buildings and must strictly comply with ther egulation.  For this, a wide-ranging examination is carried out by exper tengineers.  A project detail is determined in accordance with the condition of the building and the regulation.  The whole process from production to assembly is meticulously followed.  Our company has signed hundreds of projects in the field of fire stairs for many years and continues to do better everyday.  With our expert staff and strong infrastructure, we are able to produce all kinds of special products for any place.  We produce long-lasting ladders by using first  class materials without  compromising quality standards in our productions.

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