Do You Really Lock Your Door?

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Do You Really Lock Your Door?

Theft is one of the biggest concerns of people in our country regarding security in their homes and workplaces. The most effective and simplest measure that can be taken against the danger of theft is locking the door. However, according to studies conducted in our country, almost one out of every two people does not lock their door at night when they go to bed. In addition, 38% of people never lock their doors when leaving their homes. However, another point that draws attention in the research is that 81% of the respondents are worried about thieves breaking into their workplace and 75% of them at their home. In light of the research, we see that keeping our doors locked takes our security to the next level. In addition, it is obvious that locking our door is the simplest method.

Another important issue is that users do not have information about the security level of their steel doors. As Çelik Door, it is very important for us to inform you and use the door lock systems that are most suitable for your security. Because the higher the security level of your steel door, the safer you and your loved ones will feel.

Door lock systems need to be changed in certain situations. If we give an example to these, it is important to change the lock system in case of thieves entering the house or workplace, losing the key and moving. In this process, the replacement of the lock cylinder can be easily and safely provided by a specialist.

Does only the steel door provide us security?

Only the steel door does not provide us security. If our steel door is not made of material resistant to external factors and the lock system is not secure, it invites thieves. In addition, one of the simplest and safest living habits is to lock our door. If we do not have the habit of locking the door, it will be easier to open our door. No matter how good your door lock is, an unlocked door is just a closed door in view.

In order to ensure the safety of your home and workplace, we will make you feel safe with the different security levels we will offer you as Çelik Doorafamily. Do not hesitate to contact us for more detailed information about steel doors and lock systems. Security starts at the door.

What you need to know about the steel door lock system

Although it was seen as a luxury in the past, steel doors have become our indispensable and great need today. Because the most important and first step in ensuring the safety of our home and workplace is the steel door.

Steel doors have different security levels. In this direction, it is important to find the most appropriate lock system for your own safety and the most accurate lock system for you. The steel door that you will use in your home and workplace should provide you security not only in appearance but also in case of need. As Çelik Door, we work with steel doors, which are completely our own production, to make you and your loved ones feel safe every day.

There are a total of 6 classes of steel door lock systems determined by the European Union. These are first grade, second grade, third grade, fourth grade, fifth grade, and sixth grade. The easiest to open is the first class lock, and the hardest to open is the sixth class.

The problems experienced with the cylinder systems in recent years have created a big handicap. In cylinder systems, thieves break the system and replace it with another cylinder and steal in homes and workplaces. For this reason, cylinder systems have not been the right choice in recent years. In order to prevent this, you should prevent your steel door from reaching your lock system from the outside with the help of the company you purchased your steel door from, with the cylinder protective system.

The more locks used on the steel door, the more secure that steel door is?

The use of the right lock system rather than the excess number of locks used in your steel door increases the security of your home and workplace. If there are too many locks and it is controlled from one point, all the thieves have to do is neutralize that point. This makes it easier to reach your goals. However, Çelik Doorsiz is working to provide you with the most accurate service with its expert staff for the safety of your customers.


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