● Special Design Steel Villa Entrance Door Resistant to Rain and External Factors with 10 Years Warranty

● Different Color Options

● With Kale and Mul T Lock Central Lock System, it is possible to lock from 14 different points with a single key.

● Alarm Lock Options with Kale Monoblock Lock System

● Fingerprint Lock System Password and Remote Control Smart Lock Systems

● Made-to-measure production, Possibility to Make Changes in All Models.

● 4+4 8 mm Thick Laminated Glass as standard

● Stained glass options in special models.

● Free Discovery, Transport and Assembly in Istanbul.

● Worldwide Shipping Opportunity

● 10 Years Full and Real Warranty.


Black and White Steel Door Models: Our specially produced door models that are extremely resistant to external factors are guaranteed for 10 years. We offer convenient payment opportunities, and we serve the doors requested by our customers with special dimensions.

● Steel Door models are the complementary elements of the building that add value to the place where they are applied and that first stand out from the outside.

● The main task of Steel Doors is to isolate the place from the outside world safely. For this reason, we use 2 mm thick steel panels in all of our steel doors.

● The most important factor providing security is the quality of the lock systems used on the door. We produce high-level security steel doors with Kale Lock Systems, which we use as Smart Steel Door.

● Since Steel Doors are exposed to external factors, the coating material used on steel must be resistant to external factors such as rain, sun and humidity.

● With Composite Coating, Compact Laminated Coating and Marine Coating options in the coating of our Steel Doors, we guarantee that the first day beauty will be preserved for many years.

● Technological lock systems (Fingerprint Lock System, Iris Recognition Lock System, Smart Lock Systems with Phone Lock) are compatible with all our steel entrance doors.

● All steel doors that you want to order are produced specially to size after on-site exploration.

● You have the opportunity to make changes on the steel door model you have chosen, in all its details, especially the color.

● Free Discovery and Installation in Istanbul

● We Ship To The World.

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